We are in the process of restoring the site.

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What am I signing up for?
Submitting this form tells us you want to be notified as soon as the site is available and that you want to gain access to the private beta when available.
What happens to my old account?
You will get a brand new Digital-Tunes account; however your old account info can be imported into your new account. We will post details about this when the time comes. We will do our best to restore your purchase history and other data.
When will the site be back up?
We will give a clearer answer on this very soon, but the private-beta version will only be available to those who sign for access (see the form above to sign up).
Where is your new location?
Online, the domain will remain www.digital-tunes.net. Our new physical address will be the Promo.ly LTD office registered in the UK.
Who are you?
Hello, I am Michael Ramirez, the CTO and developer of Promo.ly, LabelGrid, and DnBRadio.com. I am partnered with Pete Callaghan who is the co-founder of Promo.ly LTD and we will be taking over the development & operations behind Digital-Tunes.
Who do I contact about my content listings on your site?
Send us an email: support@digital-tunes.net.
Who do I contact for press and other inquiries?
You can email both Pete and I at mgmt@digital-tunes.net.